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A plant harvested at the growth stage between sprouting and development of first true leaves is known as a microgreen.

Compared to adult plants of the same species, microgreens are more intense in taste and visually appealing. Their nutritional value is also higher. Microgreens can be used in many different dishes.

Our production methods are significantly different from traditional farming — and so are the taste and appearance. Read more about our production methods here!

Our products

  • Always fresh, always available
  • Shelf life up to 2 weeks
  • Ethically produced local food

Our products from wholesalers

Order Pinoa microgreens for your restaurant or cafe directly from Finland’s largest wholesalers.

Valio Aimo


Suurilehtinen raikkaan makea sekä napsakka verso, jossa hieman pähkinäinen maku

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Upean värikontrastin omaava miellyttävän tulinen verso

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Verso, jossa on pitkät ja rapsakat varret sekä samettiset lehdet

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