Authentic local food from Helsinki

Everyone deserves a clean and environmentally friendly diet. We believe that it can be achieved when the food is prepared close to you – transparently, and without unnecessary intermediaries. We love new inventions, nature, genuine actions and honesty. We want to do our part for a sustainable future.

Pinoa Foods was born from the passion of two friends to create something new. From the beginning, we have emphasized genuine action: preferred to act, rather than talk. Our story began in 2018, when we saw that global food systems are changing. More importantly, we realized that they had to change in order to not burden our precious environment.


Why wouldn’t we be the ones to do something about this? 


Urban farming and new methods of food production are revolutionizing the way food travels from the producer to the plate. It was clear to us that whatever we do, our product must be of the highest quality, and its production method must be the most environmentally friendly of all.

First, we were discovered by top Finnish chefs. Based on the trust and feedback we received from them, we are now also offering ethical and sustainable local food to all consumers, because it is the only right way to do things for us. We believe that your food should be local – without compromising on quality.

We don’t have overalls or big moustaches. We are anything but traditional farmers. A few years ago, we didn’t even know what urban farming was. We understood the need, and fell in love with the solution – after that it was easy to leave our everyday office work.

We challenge corporations’ with big responsibility speeches and no actions. We dare to do things in our own style.

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