erilaiset versot värikkäissä pakkauksissa.

Microgreens in stores across Finland

Pinoa microgreens bring colour, taste and nutrients to your plate. You can find fresh and tasty microgreens suitable for many kinds of cooking in stores all over the country. Our production methods are significantly different from traditional farming — as are the taste and appearance of the products. Read more about our production methods here!


Check the store-specific availability of S group stores using the product search on the S-kaupat -website. You can make a request for our product for your store’s selection via these forms:


If you can’t find your favorite product in your local K market, you can leave a product request directly on the store’s own page as customer feedback.


Sunflower microgreens are super versatile! These fresh and tasty microgreens work excellently in many recipes.

High concentration of vitamins A, E and C

Serving suggestion:

Try sunflower microgreens in a salad, breakfast smoothie or a pesto pasta.


Fiery radish microgreens add kick to every dish without adding extra sauce!

Radish’s sweet heat and striking colors create a comprehensive taste experience on the plate.

High iron content

Serving suggestion:

Try radish sprouts on top of pizza, in a soup or on a toast.

Pea shoots

Lovely pea shoots bring crunch and sweetness to the plate!

Pea shoots’ long and crunchy stems and soft leaves bring a spectacular addition to any dish – and the taste is delicious.

Excellent source of fiber

Serving suggestion:

Pea shoots are great for salads, woks and sushi garnish.

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